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Georges Bizet (1839-1875)

Farandole (from L'Arlésienne, Suite No. 2)

Instrumentation: piccolo, flutes (2), oboes (2), clarinets (2), bassoons (2), French horns (4), trumpets (2), cornets (2), trombones (3), timpani, tambourine, bass drum, cymbals, strings

CD 1, Tracks 33-37, Duration 3:01

The Farandole is from Bizet's muisc for the play L'Arlésienne (The Woman from Arles), which is set in southern France. Two contrasting themes are heard in this exciting orchestral piece. The first, in minor, is a march theme adapted from a southern French folk song. The lively second theme, in major, has the character of the farandole, a southern French dance. Over the course of the work, three types of musical texture are presented, i.e., homophonic, polyphonic, and monophonic.

33) March theme is presented by the full orchestra. Note the homophonic texture (accompaniment in same rhythm as melody). Minor key..

34) March theme is repeated in the strings. Note the violins are imitated by the violas resulting in an exciting polyphonic texture.

35) A dance-like melody is presented in the high woodwinds. The chordal accompaniment results in a homophonic texture. Masjor key.

:21 The accompaniment (strings) becomes louder and changes in character.
:42 Full orchestra enters.

36) Monophonic presentation of main theme in strings.
:10 Woodwinds enter supported by strings (pizzicato).
:16 Strings, monophonic.
:21 Strings divide to provide homophonic accomapniment.
:27 Woodwinds and strings (pizzicato).
:34 Intensification, leads to final section.

37) Dance and march themes played together in full orchestra. Note the resulting polyphonic texture. Ends with homophonic texture.

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