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SPSS for Windows (8.0) is the Windows version of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. It is one of the most useful, popular, and easy-to-use software packages for performing statistical analyses. Familiarity with SPSS may be an important step in your professional or educational advancement. The purpose of this site is to explain the basics of using the program beginning with computing a correlation between two variables and continuing with t-tests, ANOVAs, and chi-square.

This quick online guide to SPSS is offered as an alternative to printed SPSS guides, which are costly, and many professors feel the printed guides are far too comprehensive for an introduction to SPSS and its applications.

Feel free to use this site again, and again for reference, and in conjunction with other resources on the McGraw-Hill web sites.

The content on this site is presented in a non-linear fashion so that you may review any section at anytime by returning to this web page and the Table of Contents for the SPSS Online Guide.

About the SPSS Program



As of this publication, SPSS for Windows (9.0) has just been released. An updated edition of this guide will appear in December, 1999, which will allow enough time for institutions to roll over to the newer version, while still providing crucial guidence to students and professors for the current (8.0) version in the meantime.



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