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History of Scientific Research on Sex

Frequency of Intercourse, Married Couples

Cumulative-Incidence Curve, Masturbation

Global Erotics

Attractiveness of Victorian Women

Perspectives on Human Sexuality

The Vulva


Internal Sexual & Reproductive Organs(F)

Internal Sexual & Reproductive Organs(F)

Various Types of Hymens

Structure of an Ovary

Variations in Vulva Shape

Vulva: Virginal, Nulliparous, Parous

Muscles on the Floor of the Pelvis

Cilia of Fallopian Tubes

Internal Structure of the Breast

Female Breast at Various Ages

Risk of Developing Breast Cancer (F)

Breast Quadrants & Breast Cancers

Breast Self-Examination

Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Gonad Feedback Loop(F)

Preovulatory Preparation


Mature Human Sperm

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