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Welcome to the student section of SocCity, your online resource guide to sociology. Here, you'll find tips and tools to improve your performance both inside the classroom, and beyond. For a quick refresher to ace that next quiz, test your knowledge with a Soc-specific crossword puzzle. Or, for ideas on how to apply your sociology degree in the workforce, click on Career Opportunities. Looking for a few starter sites to help with a research paper? General Sociology Web Resources offers a sampling of great on-line links to helpful sociology websites. Click on any hyperlinked text to get started. We'd love to hear your suggestions and comments about SocCity, so please let us know what kinds of material you'd like to find in SocCity by emailing us at

Crossword Puzzles Career Opportunities

General Sociology Web Resources

Electronic Journal of Sociology
Sociological Research Online
A guide to social research on the Internet
A sociological tour through cyberspace
Resources for social researchers
Links to research references in sociology

Links to the sociology subject listings on the Yahoo search system

Social Work Web Resources

The Social Work History Station
The New Social Worker Online
Social Work Access Network
World Wide Web Resources for Social Workers

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