An Introduction to Human Communication: Understanding & Sharing

by Judy C. Pearson and Paul E. Nelson

"You are beginning a course that could make an important difference in your life." (Pearson & Nelson, An Introduction to Human Communication, p. xvii)

Sample Course Syllabi:

Kingwood College | Lane Community College | Missouri Western State College | Westminister Common Course Syllabus

1 The Nature of Communication

Ethics | Gender Communication | Journals in Communication | Process of Communication | Writer Helps

2 Perception, Self-Awareness and Self-Concept

Intrapersonal | Perception | Self-Awareness

3 Verbal Communication


4 Non-Verbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication

5 Listening and Critical Thinking

Listening | Critical Thinking

6 Mass Communication & Media Literacy

Conflict Resolution | Health Communication | Mass Media

7 Interpersonal & Family Communication

Interpersonal | Relationships | Families

8 Intercultural Communication


9 The Dynamics of Small Group Discussion

Small Group Communication

10 Group Leadership, Conflict, & Problem Solving

Leadership | Organizational Communication

11 Topic Selection and Audience Analysis

Audience | Public Speaking Resources | Speech Archives | Topic Selection | Women's Voices

12 Finding Information and Establishing Credibility

Humor | Libraries/Research | Quotations | Supporting Materials | Today in History

13 Organizing Your Speech

Organizing and Outlining

14 Communication Apprehension, Delivery and Visual Aids

Communication Apprehension | Delivery | PowerPoint Help

15 The Informative Speech

Informative Speech

16 Persuasive and Presentational Speaking


Appendix Interviewing for Information and Employment


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