Women's Voices

"To most women conversation is, for the most part, 'a language of rapport,' with which they have learned since childhood to establish connection and negotiate relationships, often for greater closeness. What women emphasize in their talk are their similarities with other people and their comparable experiences ('I'm just like that,' 'the same thing happened to me'). Women also have interests in achievement or status goals, says Tannen, but they tend to go after them 'in the guise of connection.'" (Tubbs & Moss, Human Communication, p. 92)

Celebrating Women in History

Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions, Seneca Falls, 1848

Feminist Majority Foundation

Gender and Communication

Gender and Ethnicity in Mass Communication

Gender and Media Indexes

Gender Studies


National Organization for Women (NOW)


Women in Cinema

Women IN US American Herstory

Women's Empowerment (Sweden)

Women's Discussion Online

Women's Issues (Australia)

Women's Studies Database

Women's Suffrage


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Speeches (a sample):

Susan B. Anthony | Mary Daly | Barbara Jordan | Grace Paley | Emily Pankhurst | Sojourner Truth | Gloria Steinem | Women's Hall of Fame

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