Interviewing: Principles and Practices
by Charles J. Stewart and William B. Cash 

Assignment Description

In this assignment, you will learn basic skills needed for conducting a medical interview.   Each student in the class will be assigned to simulate a common medical ailment (e.g., "random pain," sprained ankle, headaches, allergies, etc.).  As the interviewee, it will be your responsibility to review the case history for the simulation and be able to portray the "patient" in a realistic manner.   Although you will not be graded as the interviewee, your grade on this assignment may be penalized if you do not take this portion seriously.

As the interviewer, you will be required to gather information from the simulated patient concerning the ailment they have.  You will not be aware of the symptoms or scenario before hand, and consequently; you will need to find out necessary information to provide the doctor who will see the patient.  You will be required to construct an interview guide and complete a 10 minute interview with the "patient."  The interview guide should be typed and should contain primary and secondary questions designed to gather basic medical history from the patient as well as gather specific information about their current health issue.

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