Interviewing: Principles and Practices
by Charles J. Stewart and William B. Cash 

Interviewer Skills

This activity will prepare you to assume the duties of a human resources specialist and prepare an interview guide used during typical selection interviews.  You will prepare the interview guide based on the bona fide occupational qualifications listed in a job description as well as materials provided by the job applicant.  This activity accompanies chapter 8 of your textbook.  After completing this activity you should be able to:

  1. Plan an opening and closing for a selection interview.
  2. Construct primary and secondary questions to ask the applicant.
  3. Ensure that all questions asked during an interview conform to state and national EEO laws.
  4. Formulate a method of recording impressions of the interviewee.

This activity has five major elements:

Interviewer Skills: Assignment Description
Interviewer Skills: Strategies
Interviewer Skills: Links
Interviewer Skills: Study Questions
Interviewer Skills: Quiz

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