Interviewing: Principles and Practices
by Charles J. Stewart and William B. Cash

Chs 1-4: Introduction to Communication and Interviewing

Description of the Unit

Unit 1 introduces students to fundamental theoretical principles related to communication in general and interviewing in particular.  The objectives of this unit include:

    1) teaching students the interactive nature of verbal and nonverbal communication
    2) describing and illustrating components of the interview situation
    3) discussing and illustrating the structure of interviews including the opening, body, and closing
    4) illustrating various types and uses of questions used in interview situations.
This unit serves as a foundation for each of the other units covered in the course.

Relevant Chapters

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Interviewing
Chapter 2: The Interviewing Process
Chapter 3: Structuring the Interview
Chapter 4: Questions and their Uses

Potential Activities

Daily Lesson Plan

Period Topic
1 Introduction to Communication and Interviewing (Ch 1)
2 The Interview Process (Ch 2)
3 Structuring the Interview (Ch 3)
4 Types of Question and Their Uses (Ch 4)
5 Using Probing Questions Effectively (Ch 4)
6 Phrasing and Sequencing Questions; Common Pitfalls (Ch 4)

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