Interviewing: Principles and Practices
by Charles J. Stewart and William B. Cash

Ch 7: The Persuasive Interview

Description of the Unit

This unit teaches students skills associated with interviews designed to elicit information used in persuasive opportunities.  Although sales interviews constitute a common example of this type of interview, persuasive interviews can also take place in college/career recruiting encounters, charitable contribution solicitations, and arbitration/negotiation meetings.  This unit teaches students to:

Relevant Chapter

Chapter 7: The Persuasive Interview

Potential Activities

Daily Lesson Plans

Period Topic
1 Ethical and Theoretical Principles of Persuasion
2 Preparing for the Persuasive Interview
3 Structuring the Persuasive Interview
4 Critically Evaluating Persuasive Attempts
5 Class Periods for Oral Reports as Needed

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