McGraw-Hill is proud to offer online workshops hosted by award winning faculty from Life Science departments around the country - at no expense to you. Our workshops focus on classroom strategies, methods, and uses of technology to achieve success in student learning.

McGraw- Hill Life Science Adaptive Learning

Connect Plus

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Webinar Duration: 1 Hour

Training presented by Digital Faculty Consultants.

LearnSmart Advantage is the new series of adaptive learning products fueled by LearnSmart – the most widely used adaptive learning resource that is designed to maximize productivity and efficiency in learning. This suite spans the entire learning process – from course prep to concept mastery – and it creates high impact study sessions that focus students on the concepts that they need to learn. The LearnSmart Advantage suite does this by ensuring that each student is deliberately practicing the concepts that they need to learn or are struggling with, and identifying and bringing back the content that the student is most likely to forget.

McGraw-Hill Tegrity™ Webinar

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Make your lectures available to your students 24/7 without changing anything about the way you teach!

The average instructor speaks 120 words per minute while the average student writes only 20 requiring the student to decide between listening or taking notes. With Tegrity Campus students no longer have to make that decision. They can engage in class discussion, listen more intently and retain more—all improving course performance.

Join one of our WebEx sessions and learn how you can use Tegrity in your classroom from an instructor like yourself who is already using it and loving it!

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