Tegrity provides award-winning lecture capture solutions that improve learning outcomes, impact retention and increase enrollment at numerous academic institutions

About Tegrity

Tegrity, a division of McGraw-Hill Higher Education, is headquartered in Burr Ridge, Illinois. With newly appointed Chief Product Officer, Stephen Laster (Former CIO, Harvard University), Tegrity is led by a forward-thinking management team dedicated to impacting education worldwide with the creation of advanced teaching and learning systems.

Service Overview

Tegrity Campus touches more students than any other lecture capture solution. In 2012, we passed the milestone of more than 25 million student views through our service. Unlike most capture solutions, Tegrity scales affordably; and more than 50% of our customers deploy Tegrity campus-wide. With Tegrity, the days of lecture capture only being available in a few select classrooms are behind us.

The ability to scale affordably comes from Tegrity’s unique cloud-based service model and the company’s innovative AAIRS™ real-time integration technology. Whereas most solutions automate the lecture capture workflow for instructors, AAIRS™ technology automates it for instructors and IT. The system essentially runs itself, eliminating strain on often limited IT resources.

With Tegrity, student learning is the primary focus. Students can do much more than simply view a recording in Tegrity. They can search the content, collaborate with their instructors and classmates, take notes, set their own bookmarks and much, much more. No other lecture capture solution provides the same level of interactivity and collaboration as Tegrity. The result is enhanced learning efficiency, leading to greater academic achievement.

The Tegrity Culture

Tegrity's emphasis on innovation and excellence in teaching and learning means each employee is a hands-on contributor. There's little in the way of corporate hierarchy and everyone wears multiple hats. As we expand the Tegrity team, we continue to search for those who share a commitment to teaching and learning technology; and have a great time doing it.

To that end, Tegrity has persistently pursued innovation and pushed the limits of existing education technology impacting educational institutions and enhancing the lives of administrators, faculty, and students worldwide.