Incredible ease-of-use and completely transparent operation lets instructors focus on what they do best – teaching.

Features for Instructors

Whether inside the classroom or out, Tegrity makes recording your lectures or supplementary course content a snap. Click a button to start recording*, click again to pause or stop, and Tegrity takes care of the rest. Recordings are automatically uploaded to the right course for only enrolled students to view.

The Basics

Record from anywhere, anytime, with or without an Internet connection.

The Tegrity Recorder will work whether there is an active Internet connection or not, making it easy for instructors to record anywhere, anytime, whether in the class or sitting on the quad.

Unmatched ease-of-use.

Simply click to start recording, and click again to pause or stop. The recording is then uploaded to the right course automatically, for only those students enrolled in the course to view.

Capture audio, screen and video

Tegrity captures synchronized audio, video and computer screen activity with a click of a button. As a recording is in progress, an audio signal meter in the Tegrity Toolbar indicates that audio is being captured at an appropriate level.

Pause recording

Tegrity puts instructors in control of what is and isn’t recorded. Instructors can click the pause button to pause recording, and click again to resume.

Automatic publishing

The publishing process with Tegrity is completely hands-free. With Tegrity’s powerful AAIRS™ integration technology, recordings are automatically uploaded to the right course. Instructors don’t have to worry about profiles, files, formats or folders.

Beyond Basics

Controlled access

Once a recording is uploaded, it becomes immediately accessible for only those students enrolled in the course to view. Downloading can be enabled or disabled; and Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology can prevent unauthorized use of the recorded content, such as copying it or posting it to a public site such as YouTube.

Broadcast class live

If the instructor wishes, he or she can webcast their class live as it is being recorded. When students login to Tegrity, a “Live Now” indicator will let students know when a class is being webcast live.

Let students make their own recordings

Whether it’s a speech for a communications course or a presentation for a business course, students can also record with Tegrity. Once the recording is complete, it is automatically uploaded to the appropriate course where instructors can view it through a separate tab labeled “Student Recordings”.

Make notes and annotations

Instructors (and students) can make private or public notes and annotations in the recording. Notes are associated with specific points along the recording timeline, and when clicked, take the viewer to that specific point within the recording.

Add supporting files

Anything presented on screen can automatically be printed by students, without the need for instructors to upload the file. However, instructors can add supplementary content such as Microsoft Office documents or PDF files for students to download.

Connect with students through Tegrity Connect

Instructors can use the Tegrity Connect chat feature to hold virtual office hours for students, or provide assistance outside of class hours as desired.

Enable public link

While standard viewing access is limited to those students enrolled in the course, instructors can create special links to allow public access to specific recordings.

Move, copy, rename or delete

Need to move or copy a recording for a specific course from one semester to the next? Tegrity’s built-in content management system makes it as easy as selecting the recording, selecting the course you want to move it to, and pressing “OK”. There’s never a need to call your IT help desk to move, copy, delete or rename your recordings.

Remotely proctor exams

Tegrity’s Remote Proctoring feature can provide students the ability to take exams remotely, while ensuring the integrity of the exam results. A webcam and microphone records the student taking the test, as well as all their screen activity. The recordings cannot be paused, and are uploaded for instructors to review at up to 8x speed.

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